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With the confirmation of an order at our online system acknowledge that you agree to the terms and conditions for the sale of products from the Flower Shop ABI listed on this page .

1 - Obligations and payments

1.1. When you purchase products from Flower Shop ABI shown in www.flowershopabi.com, is responsible for paying Flower Shop ABI value displayed on the product page , and all transport costs for delivery to your requested address or needed to get it from our office . 1.2. By paying cash on delivery courier , prepayment through another system or transfer to a bank account or a micro agree to pay all taxes on the value of the companies providing courier services , banking institutions or other systems used for payment of products. 1.3. Www.flowershopabi.com prices are quoted in Bulgarian lev and VAT included . If you pay by converting the other currency through services like PayPal, E-Pay or credit card , any costs or losses associated with the conversion of the Bulgarian lev to the currency you pay are for your account.

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2 - Conditions for the preparation of products

2.1. All products displayed on pages www.flowershopabi.com, you can get a place and Flower Shop ABI address Sofia ul.Kostenski waterfall № 67 listed on the contact , but only if you have a pre-order and confirmation of our associate before at least 3 hours before the desired time for the preparation of the products. 2.2 . In order to seamlessly deliver the orders to addresses requested Flower Shop ABI works with private couriers. 2.3 . Delivery and supply prices are dictated by the terms of the companies providing courier services. If you want to get their products through other mail services at your expense and responsibility , you can contact us via phone call to discuss the details of the shipment. 2.4. Flower shop ABI is not responsible for delivery delays due to natural disasters, a series of festive days when delays in logistics dependent due to incorrect data supplied by the recipient and / or inability to meet the courier to the recipient.

2.5. Mandatory requirement on your part is to provide complete and accurate information about the recipient's address , and phone number to contact him and you.

2.6. In case of absence of the recipient at the address at the agreed time the shipment can be delivered to a colleague (at delivery office, store , etc. . ) , Relative (for home delivery ), reception (for delivery in a hotel ) and in the absence option to supply the consignment will be returned.

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3 - Operating conditions of the site

3.1. To order goods and products from the pages of www.flowershopabi.com need to provide a valid e-mail address and telephone number and your full name and ID number for the invoice to an individual or company registration information for the issuance of invoice to the company . This information will not be shared with third parties, but may be made ​​available to the authorities in the legal requirement. E-mail addresses can be used for the notification of changes in the functionality of the site , with major changes in the product range or for administrative messages. 3.2 . In the process of purchase or contact you www.flowershopabi.com team can get your personal information . As a matter of best practice and to protect them we do not keep a database of them , except those included in the purchase documents as required by the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria . 3.3 . Www.flowershopabi.com team is doing everything possible to work page as well, but is not responsible for the temporary or permanent lack of access to it. Disable access to the website may lead to failure to supply or fulfill orders from www.flowershopabi.com 3.4. Possible problems in performing some of the functions of the pages. If you believe that any of your actions on the site have come to the error , you can let us know by calling 0887 547 140 .

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4 - Returns

4.1. Returns are permitted and products when defects are manifested before the conclusion of the sales contract or as a result of actions of the team Flower Shop ABI .

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5 - Materials Site

5.1. All articles and other materials on the site are copyrighted under the copyright law of the Republic of Bulgaria and belong to the Flower Shop ABI . 5.2 . All or most of the materials in the pages of www.flowershopabi.com are publicly available and can be freely copied and distributed subject to be published a link to the original material without tags like noindex / nofollow. 5.3 . Product photos published in store www.flowershopabi.com are copyrighted and may not be distributed , copied and published without permission from the publisher site .

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6 - Products and their description

6.1. All photographs of the products published online platform www.flowershopabi.com are indicative and do not guarantee hundred percent identity of the ordered product to that used for the sample , but are obliged to be with maximum accuracy and similarity.

6.2 . Each component of the products published here (www.flowershopabi.com) is subject to change in the absence occurred in premises which will be informed in advance of our representatives.

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7 - Changes to the Terms

Modification or replacement of these conditions by Flower Shop ABI has on the parties to a sales contract concluded before the amendment or replacement of the general terms and conditions , if any of the obligations of the parties are not fully implemented at the time of the amendment or replacement general terms , if the buyer has declared in writing within 24 hours of receipt of notice of the seller for the amendment or replacement of the common conditions that rejecting the amendment or replacement. Way to refuse an order is through a phone call or e-mail. Customer can withdraw from your order 24 hours before the requested delivery otherwise be obliged to pay the amount. It is desirable in order, due to delays in the transfer of the amount by bank transfer to send a photo of the payment order.

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