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Long love of flowers has become a profession for more than 20 years. We work with established florists press releases and proven over time , and the young team , now infused new energy , desire and fantasy in our works. Making the bouquet is magic. Fantasy , imagination and creativity of the florist recreate his feelings and emotions. Thought is quick and skillful hands to create a creature that will open the way to new feelings, love, joy and tenderness . The thought that someone would be happy makes us learn every day to develop and enrich learning from world-class master florists . In our work we use all the love for flowers and beauty to delight you - our customers. For years, you trust us and imperceptibly become not only partners, and friends.
For you, our team will create and accomplish your wildest dreams of flowers and candy. We deliver the most unique unique wood and ceramics created by the hands of our master carvers and potters . Our artists will delight you with its beautiful icons and paintings. For you we will do decoration, and layout of any celebrations, business meetings , weddings , christenings , corporate presentations, seminars , parties and balls . If you wish to deliver fresh flowers in your office , or arranged in a vase to break the working atmosphere and create the conditions for a pleasant and fruitful day. Therefore, the joy in the eyes of your loved ones , colleagues and friends , we are emotional because we are happy that we were part of your holiday.
Zdravko Kutev

Zdravko Vasilev Kutev

Wood curving

Participation in national exhibitions. His works are in private and public collections in the country and abroad.

Galina Georgieva Kuteva

florist, arranger-decorator, artist , painter

Her paintings and icons is mainly in private collections at home and abroad . Her love for flowers became her profession.


Gabriela Zdravkova Kuteva

florist, arranger-decorator

Gabby maintains our online store, our social networks and communicates with our customers from all over the world.