colored rose


Symbolism of roses:

Pink rose – grace, admiration, tenderness, dignity, elegance. Beginning love and friendship. He also carries the message of secret love and acknowledges “My heart belongs to you.” It is appropriate to serve a friend – to greet or encourage him.

Yellow Rose – Slightly open, the yellow rose asks “Do you still love me” and the meaning of the completely dissolved yellow is “Please come back”. They symbolize friendship. A great way to thank for your help or support.

Peach – are modest. A symbol of sincerity, compassion, gratitude.

Purple rose is a charm. Love at first sight, adoration and admiration.

Orange rose – charm and captivation. A symbol of admiration, attraction, desire.

Green rose – peace and harmony in relationships. It is suitable for christenings and weddings.

Blue Rose – Symbolizes the impossible and the mystical.

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